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We are so passionate about healthy food that tastes good! 

It all started in Asyut, a city in upper Egypt, about 200 miles south of Cairo. The cook, is a physician by training, who has always been praised for her skills in the kitchen and always had great feedback on her food. She was the family cook, immediate and extended. People always knew that whatever she makes in the kitchen, there will be nothing like it. For that reason, she was always volunteered to make food for events like, Christmas, or New Year’s Eve when all the families gathered. The overwhelming positive feedback from whomever tried her food never creased. The great feedback kept coming, even after moving to the US.

Being a physician, made cooking healthy food with good quality, fresh ingredients always a must. Whether for the family or for others she always believed that our health starts with our gut. The whole household was a very health conscious one. Discussing the implications of what we eat on our bodies, was and still is something that’s of great interest to our family.

The business guy is her son, Andrew. He went to UCSD to study economics and worked in the healthcare industry before getting in the real estate business but he's really passionate about good healthy food. His vision is to see the fast food industry revolutionized with available food options that are actually good for our bodies.The idea was born after a short trip in 2017 to the middle east and both of them were inspired to get started on it immediately.


It's what's on the inside that counts

Why are we doing this?

To redefine “fast food” and introduce a flare of the middle eastern cuisine to the fast food market.

  1. Fast food has had the connotation that it’s not healthy. Reality is, fast food will always be a part of our lives and it’s up to us, the fast food industry leaders, whether to redefine that connotation and challenge the status quo or keep it as is and settle for what’s been done.

  2. Introduce a fast food middle eastern concept with its rich delicious flavors. It’s not rocket science, just the simple authentic recipes that have been around for hundreds of years that we love, made with the simple ingredients our great grandparents have been using for thousands of years.